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October 5, 2007

The Concorde Experience

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We took a trip up to the Airport to see the “Barbados Concorde Experience” this weekend. I have to say that I was very impressed with what I saw. After all of the stories in the press about the Concorde that was “rusting” or “rotting”, I am very happy to report that the aircraft appeared (at least to my eye) in pristine condition.



Apart from the Concorde itself, the entire display was outstanding, there is an audio visual show called “Engineered for Speed” which is positively world class. To call it an audio visual show really is a bit of an understatement (you will understand this comment if you have seen the show). The tour guides that gave us the tour were well briefed and were able to answer our questions.


The tour took us inside the Concorde and once again the interior is also in immaculate condition. One particular highlight was the Captain’s hat. The story goes that when the aircraft is traveling supersonically it stretches by several inches. As such there is a seam that opens in the cockpit to accommodate this. During the last flight the captain placed his hat in the seam (which of course closed back when the aircraft slowed down) Hence the cap is locked in place forever as the plane will not fly again. (quite poetic really)


As an attraction, there are only 5 of these British Airways aircraft in the world (in fact the comment was made that a B.A. crew who toured the facility had never been on the Concorde before) so to have this here in Barbados can only be a positive for our tourism product.

All of us from the margin were VERY impressed by the show and the facility as a whole and we would recommend this attraction to anyone.

Go and see for yourself.


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  3. How proud you must be to be owning this aircraft, to see her being kept in such beautiful condition, when the Americans drove a truck into there’s and knocked the nose cone off!
    We should have let Barbados have two of them.

    Comment by Jerry Mccarthy — March 6, 2009 @ 2:36 pm | Reply

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